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Welcome to the consultation website for Coopers Hill

Proposals to redevelop Coopers Hill, Bracknell

Bracknell Forest Council has established a partnership with Countryside Properties to help redevelop a number of key sites in Bracknell. The Joint-Venture is known as Bracknell Forest Cambium Partnership. This will continue the successful regeneration of Bracknell town centre following the launch of The Lexicon.

The partnership’s first project is the redevelopment of the Coopers Hill site. Our aim is to create new homes for families, first time buyers and older people, all within walkable reach of the town centre. We want this to be an inclusive community that sits in a green and attractive setting, complementing the surrounding character of the site.

We have been consulting with the local community to bring about a development of high quality which aims to create a sustainable neighbourhood with a variety of homes including affordable housing.

Find out more on our consultation here. 


The site

The Coopers Hill site has been identified by the council as a suitable site for high-quality, sustainable residential development.

The site has a strong connections, being next to Bracknell train station and close to Bracknell bus station with very good existing connections by foot, cycle and car into the town centre. 

The site consists of a Youth and Community Centre set within hard and soft landscaping. There is a small scout shop, nursery and car parking for users.

Coopers Hill is a key site within the Council's long term aspirations of the ‘Bracknell Town centre Vision 2032’ report which sets out how Bracknell will realise its potential as a strong town centre, serving a prosperous and dynamic area.

Coopers Hill is part of the first phase of sites to come forward under this strategy and seeks to reinvigorate the wider town centre by developing high quality development of complementary uses in the town centre and surrounding area.